Sweet Potato Trial at Areatakiki- Guadalcanal

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  1. Simona

    26. Aug, 2012

    I did happened to accidently stumbled on a very interesting report compiled from the Solomon Islands (Donny Kelly) regarding Turusuala RTC on the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal in the AvuAvu area. Just to re-tract a bit, I did visit that particular training centre during the cooling down of the ethnic tension and the centre was still operating on the old and abandoned Agricultural TC. On that note I would like to really make mention and register here on behalf of TVET Division of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development its profound appreciation for the great task which Indigo Foundation through the Kastom Garden which saw a tremendous improvement Turusuala RTC has gone through. A remarkable adventure of development and an avenue put in place for disadvantaged youths and adults alike in that part of the Weather Coast. As an Officer in the TVET Division and who has been working along side various VRTCs in Solomon Islands for a number of years, it is encouraging to have knowledge of the kind of training Turusuala is embarking on which is quite unique to other VRTCs in the country. I have been always in contact with the current Principal as well. The TVET Division is also working closely with the Guadalcanal Provincial Education Authority in the pathway to have the centre Registered under its Authority and likewise for the TVET Division as well. Thanks for putting Turusuala on the on the website.

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