Why save seeds?

Visitors to the  PMN training garden

Visitors to the Solomon Islands Planting Material Network garden examine seed being dried on newspaper in the sun

growing many different food plants and varieties of those plants is a traditional way of providing family food security
seeds can be saved to plant in your garden
the Planting Material Network encourages members to look after all their varieties of plants through on-farm conservation; all of these varieties are important for today and for the future
seeds can be exchanged with other farmers for different seeds
planting the seeds you save means you do not have to spend your money to buy seeds
saving seeds and growing different food plants in your garden provides you with vegetables for a mixed family diet
a mixed diet improves your family’s health and helps your children grow strong and healthy
saving seeds means you can grow food for your family during crisis or disaster
saving seeds and exchanging them with other farmers makes Solomon Island communities more self-reliant.

Why save seeds?
Plant your seeds
Save your seeds

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