About Planting Material Network


Crop diversity that is maintained by farmers is important for food security in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Island Planting Material Network (PMN) is a farmer network that was initiated by farmers at NGO meeting in 1995, and now has a total of 1824 members from all over the Solomon’s. PMN is a network managed by Kastom Gaden Association. The services provided by Kastom Gaden are targeted at PMN members.

The objective of the PMN network are:

  1. Share Planting Materials among village farmer
  2. Conserve local planting materials and crop biological diversity for the future by farmers and for farmers.
  3. Encourage diversity, which leads to food security.

The PMN focuses on giving farmers opportunities to exchange agricultural knowledge and techniques, exchange of seeds and other planting materials, and participate in training activities run by staff and other farmers. The PMN has grown since 1995 and it’s members have expanded the PMN mandate to include general food production and food security issues all centered around the theme of diversity and ecology, organic farming approaches and livelihoods.

Click here for the PMN (Planting Material Network) website.

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