Community Seed Saving

cover of community seed saving manual

Training Tools for Pacific Island Communities 2002

…produced by Kastom Gaden Association and
…compiled by Emma Stone

[ Download file ] PDF 2.35MB

Quality seed is critical to maintaining village food security.

This manual is designed as a tool for small scale, community-based (local and regional) seed production and distribution centres. It may also be useful for village farmers to assist in producing high quality seed for their gardens.

This manual is based on the procedures used for producing seed at the Planting Material Network (PMN) seed centre at Burn’s Creek, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

The Planting Material Network system ensures production and distribution of high quality seed and offers good organization of seeds during the different stages of processing.

This manual will assist you in understanding all these factors and help you with the skills you need to produce good quality seed and good quality food.

…Emma Stone

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