KGA manuals

Kastom Gaden produces training manuals:

  • for farmers
  • for training of trainers
  • for documenting lessons learned and successful approaches for other NGOs and groups working with farmers

The following training manuals can be downloaded on this website for use in legitimate training purposes. KGA welcomes their use for legitimate purposes but retains copyright. Please acknowledge KGA and send us an email or letter to let us know how you used the training materials and any suggestions or ideas to improve them for the future and seek our permission and provide acknowledgement before using our material in new publications.

Farmer handbooks

Manuals for trainers:

Many of the manuals and reports from KGA (including those above) can also be downloaded or viewed on the TerraCircle Issuu page.This is a nice viewer for reading the books, manuals and reports.

Kastom Gaden also works with other organisations to collaborate on training materials. Some of these manuals are included here:

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