Japan envoy visits Joini Tutuas organic farm in Honiara

March 15, 2010

From Solomon Star Newspaper: SATURDAY, 13 MARCH 2010 12:06J

JAPANESE charge d’affaires Akira Iwanade on Tuesday visited the Zai Nai Tina Organic Research and Demonstration Farm at Burns Creek in east Honiara.

Mr Iwanade said he made the visit out of curiousity. He said he decided to take the visit after a fellow Japanese told him organic farming is suitable for Solomon Islands. Organic farming involves the use of organic materials and does not require fertilizers.

“I totally supportive of organic farming because I’m anxious too of health of Solomon Islanders who tend to eat instant noodle everyday,” Mr Iwanade said.
“Instant noodle contains high cholesterol that could lead to lifestyle diseases,” he added.

Organic farm owner Mr Tutua said Mr Iawanade’s visit was a huge boost to his farm.
He said his son Dr Shane Tutua tookd the Japanese envoy around and showed him the farm.

“One of the things that surprised Mr Akira was learning that we didn’t use machines in the organic farm.
“We just use sticks to plant the vegetables because we do not want to disturb the micro- organisms in the soil,” Mr Tutua said.

He said organic farming is unique because you don’t need any chemical to grow the plants.
Mr Tutua said they also explain to the charge de’affaires that organic farming is most appropriate for rural people because it’s easy and costs nothing.
Mr Tutua also praised Dr Ravindra C. Joshi, Senior Adviser (Agriculture Development) Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for his support of organic farming. “Dr Ravi should be credited for a job well done,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development Selwyn Riumana this week presented to cabinet a policy document on organic agriculture system. Cabinet is considering the document. If approved, Solomon Islands will be the first Pacific Island nation to have such a policy.