Igloo houses set up at 12 germplasm centres

March 17, 2010

KGA is assisting farmer run germplasm centres to set up ‘igloo houses’.  The igloo houses are very fine mesh screen houses where sweet potato varieties can be stored as growing planting material. The mesh prevents insect contact with the varieties – research has shown that certain insects spread the virus that can drastically reduce sweet potato yield.  These igloo houses will provide a virus free source of planting materials for farmers around the centres.

The centres with igloo houses are:

  • Tunubusu Woman’s Centre, Isabel, Malaita;
  • Gwanafiu Farmer Field School, Malaita;
  • Baetolau Farmers Association and Rokotanikeni Women’s group, Malaita;
  • Sausama Farmer Field School, Western;
  • Hanipana Germ plasm Centre, Central Islands;
  • Naana RTC and West Arosi Farmers Association, Makira-Ulawa;
  • Vuranini CLC, Guadalcanal; Teavamangu Centre, Rennell-Bellona.

For more information please contact Andrew Nanau.