Ten rural partners selected by KGA

March 17, 2010
Location of the ten selected partners

Location of the ten selected partners

KGA has chosen an initial ten partners from among the PMN membership as its main partners to focus on for service delivery. It was a difficult choice and KGA would have liked to have taken on more partners but had to be realistic about the needs for training and support in these new roles and not spread themselves too thin.

The partners were selected out of 79 options based on criteria developed by the KGA staff in a participatory workshop.  The selected partners were then shortlisted using a capacity assessment survey done in the field at each suggested partner and field consultations.

This was followed by partnership planning workshops. These workshops were attended by a team of senior KGA staff on site with each partner – their boards and members.  The result was a partnership agreement and a clear work plan and budget for the first year with more detail for the first quarter.  KGA partners now attend 1/4 KGA planning workshops.

KGA plans to take on more partners as the first ten settle into their roles and are able to provide quality services to local farmers.

For more information contact Claudine Watoto.