Workshop on marketing for farmers held at Sausama Farmer School

March 22, 2010

Ronstard Gapu reports on a training workshop held in Western province:

On the 27th Feb a workshop was held facilitated by the Marketing and Processing team from KGA with 27 farmers attending.   The training covered:

  • Value Chain
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Bookkeeping 1- Basic Household Expenses

Open discussion session follows the training to identify PMN farmers’ concerns which included:

  • Better links to market
  • Need crates for storage of fruits and vegetables when transporting to farm produce to Gizo market
  • More training is required on basic household expenses for partners
  • Farmers do not treat their gardens/farms as business
  • Price setting for farm produce (how to set reasonable price against cost)
  • Facing population pressure thus there is a need for more training on organic,
  • Marketing and composting skills
  • Need more seed varieties