KGA & Partners Ends Planning Meeting

August 27, 2010
By Clement Hadosaia

KGA staff and representatives of its 10 rural based partners ends a 3 days planning and consultation meeting today. The meeting was purposely to discuss the result of the recent review conducted by KGA on the partners’ performance and progress made over the last 12 months period. At the same time both parties had also reviewed all the outstanding activities and agreed on a time frame for their completion.

Meeting participants

Also participated at the meeting is Mr Tony Jansen from Terracircle Inc. Australia who is providing a back stopping role to KGA. As the one who helped to set the framework for the partnership agreement last last, Mr Jansen’s presence at the meeting is important to observe and hear the progress made so far.

He helped Mrs Roselyn Kabu to facilitate the first 2 days meeting and provide valuable input on how certain areas that a crucial to the program should be addressed. He also made a short presentation on the Planting Material Network (PMN) as the foundation of KGA and why it is important to focus service delivery to the PMN members as well as to maintain a strong link between the partners and members.

Closing the meeting this afternoon, KGA’s Program Coordinator Mr Jack Kalisto encouraged the partners to be proactive and honest in their work with the rural people. Our people are the ones that we strive to serve, therefore we must do our best to achieve the mission of the organisation, which is

“To strengthen village-based food security in Solomon Islands using participatory, practical, grass-roots approaches that enable village people to examine, understand and develop their own solutions to improving household food security and village-based agriculture economy” he reiterated.