Woman trained as trainers.

November 30, 2010

12 woman trained as trainers from partners in food, nutritional and health .They were trained in how to run community training for woman on Food nutrition and health. Among the 12 there were 2 nurses who also become trainers who will be working closely with KGA in their clinics and the community with woman.The 4 days training is to look at how to run an effective training, and what are the important areas that they should consider when planning a training. During a training we also come up with a standard draft manual of what should be done  in a training. A draft  manual will be put together by Roselyn and Yukiko after the training.A  follow up training will be done later next years for the trainers to review and testing of the manual before finalising the manual.  After the review of the manual they will the material and plan their trainings for next year.profile