Woman and nutritional health, trainers manual to be published soon

June 29, 2011

Yukiko and I have been working on a trainers manual for woman trainers to use when holding workshop in the villages with woman. The manual has review by the trainers in our second TOT workshop end feb of this year at Rokotanikeni, ad gwaunafiu.The manual covers different topics when holding workshops. There are also guideline for the trainers how they can plan their workshop, how they can write their reports after the workshop which is the first part of the manual.

The second part of the manual covers 8 topics, Kaikai local food,Balance meal 3 food groups, Malnutrition and non communicable disease,various cooking methods and processing, sup sup garden, kitchen hygience, kiko stove, kitchen waste management.

Woman trainers, visit to APSD fiu, with Satomi volunteer APSD and Yukiko

Trainers planning their workshop presentation

youth trainer Roselyn sifo practising how to do her presentation

The manual will be finalised by next month, and will be reviewed by Nutrition unit MHMS, before the final printing of the manual.

There are also a manual on kiko stove making that is also published by Yukiko and myself which will also be printed.

With the help of JICA volunteer we managed to make posters on Kiko stove and baking ovens which is now used by trainees.

Download: Poster oven use

Download: TOT manual

I would like to take this opportunity to thank trainers and especially for JICA volunteer Yukiko Kasuya for her tireless efforts in helping with producing the manual and for her contributions towards printing some of the posters of kiko stove and oven.

JICA volunteer Yukiko Kasuya during her time in the field