KGA staff and partners complete Results assessment training

July 20, 2011

Senior staff at Kastom Gaden Association along with representatives from three partner organisations have completed a two day training workshop on results assessment. The aim of the training was to help senior staff to understand and plan how they measure more than just activities – but also the impact or results of activities.

Participants looked at what they are already doing which included a mix of household surveys, story collection, taking photos and record keeping. These qualitative and quantitative tools were then combined into results assesment frameworks for each of KGAs components:  Capacity Building and Networking, Women and Nutritional Health, Small Livestock, Organic Farming.  Turusuala Community Based Training Centre, Rokotanikeni Womens Association and Vanga RTC also joined the training.  Staff are now busy using the results chains they mapped out in the training to complete their frameworks. Participants learned that results assesment is very important for organisational learning – improving programs and planning new activities based on what were the actual benefits of earlier work.  It also will help KGA to report to its donors and other stakeholders.

The training was facilitated by TerraCircle’s Tony Jansen. TerraCircle has assisted KGA to develop an information management system and a household survey of PMN members as well as a database to track members and distribution of planting materials.  This system is now being expanded to include expanded results assessment activities.


An Example of a results chain developed in the training - this one for the Marketing Component of Kastom Gaden. The chain links activities through to final goals to improve rural livelihoods.