Kiko stove training at OISCA training centre, Japan

July 20, 2011

Yukiko and I run a workshop on kiko stove making for 16 participants from 13 countries from Asia, pacific, Africa at OISCA shikoku training center, Japan on Monday 18th July. Participants are interested in the stove, some participants from countries like pakistan, sri lanka, Tibet and others have similar stove but this is their first time to see how a clay  stove is made.

Some of the participants wants to try this in their country like PNG, Africa, tonga, and asian countries, which they think they can maybe modified it so that is adapted to their countries needs.

Thanks to Oisca Director  Kakinuma for giving us the opportunity to teach other woman from other countries and also for Yukiko who have fly from Tokyo to Shikoku island for us to do the training.

participants of the stove training

participants of the training with the stove made during the training

Participants moulding clay for the stove.

Yukiko and I with participants