KGA promotes organic and backyard garden

July 19, 2012

KGA during the national trade show have promotes the organic farming practises and backyard gardening. KGA has been working with farmers to promote organic farming practises which is good for the health and the environment of our communities.

PMN members or planting materials network  and farmers in teaching farmers organic way of gardening. Also during the trade show farmers bring in their product to sale at the stall which promotes growing plants in an organic way.

Display of fruits from Maeli Aruligo and ball cabbage and taro from malaita

One of the farmers from Visale also bring her yam to display at the backybackyard garden during the show.

Gorothy standing with the yam displayed at the KGA backyard garden

There are alot of people coming to biew the demonstration garden also staff demonstrate how to do nursery and other related activities during the show.

sevie centre supervisor explaining to people coming to the garden