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Training of Trainers – Women & Nutritional Health

August 7, 2013

A workshop on Training of Trainers has been successfully completed here at the Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) conference center from the 8th to the 19th July 2013. Roselyn Kabu, the Program Support Officer for women and nutritional health has facilitated the two week long training. Roselyn Kapu had assured the trainers that “you came as participants for this training and after completion of the training program you will return to your respective partners as a Trainer”

There were altogether 13 participants attended the training and they represent six (6) KGA partners around the Solomon Islands. These include representatives from Rokotanikeni Women’s Association (RWA), Baetolau Farmers Association (BFA), Boli Farmers, Garanga Rural Training Centre (GRTC, Kinitolo Hagato’o Association (KHA) and Turusuala. Two PMN members also attended, representing Savulei and Hanipana.
The aim of the training is to train trainers to:
o understand how to become a good facilitator
o understand what is food and nutrition is and the importance
o develop lesson plan and carry out actual training

The training modules include:

  • Kitchen garden
  • Food Nutrition
  • Food processing and
  • Kiko stove making

The feedback from the training is enormous as it was an eye opener to some and other feeling confidence for the first time taking responsibility as a trainer.