Our Telekom assists KGA

Our Telekom Assist KGA to communicate with Farmers

November 6, 2013

Our Telekom Company has assist Farmers in the Western Province to communicate to each other and share information on farming practise.

Our Telekom Munda Branch Sales Officer Miss Shirley Wickham has handed a brand new mobile to the Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) Coordinator Mr Silas Kere in Munda. The successful launching of the World Food Day here in Munda which hundreds of farmers around Munda attended to celebrate the World Food Day has prompted Telekom Officials to see the need for farmers to communicate daily to each other. Farmers came from various communities in Rendova, Kohingo and Roviana to show case their food crop from their farms/garden

Information is vital in any development and to reach remote and scattered communities in the Solomon Islands requires expertise and appropriate technologies in telecommunication.  Skills in farming practices and information on pest diseases and crops management can be shared with farmers with the use of a mobile phones, said the Telekom Supervisor. With the assistance of a mobile phone the Coordinator can able to communicate with its Partners and PMN members in remote corners the Western Province.

While handing the mobile phone to the KGA Provincial Coordinator Mr Silas Kere, She urged him to use it to talk to his farmers and hear what they would want to say about their food crops.

In receiving the mobile phone, the Coordinator highlighted the true values of Kastom Gaden Association is sharing of information, skills and resources to our farmers by whatever means available so that they can be self-reliance and collectively participate in food production. As the role of the Provincial Coordinator for the KGA. “I will be able to communicate with my Partners groups, Planting Network Members and other farmers with the use of Mobile Phone. Rather than travelling through bad weathers to reach farmers, the mobile phone brings farmers close to me and at any time we can discuss their problems”. He urged farmers to utilize this new development in communication.

The Coordinator thanked Telekom to identify this very important linkage and provide the avenue that will support our local farmers improving their farming practises.

With the theme “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition” for this year World Food Day, the celebration here in Munda is seen as a milestone for future planned activities that promote local farmers in their communities that struggle to cultivate the land to produce food for their families daily.