Naked neck chicken photo

Naked neck chicken

October 8, 2013

This is a short story about the naked neck breed…

The naked neck gene is quite dominant and can be easily crossed into and breed of  chicken.

The naked neck appears from day  of hatching and it is more noticeable in male cross breed chickens.

Suitability for the tropics

The uniqueness of  this naked neck chickens is the reduced number of feathers around their neck. This makes them better suited to withstand the heat of tropical climates compare to other breeds of chicken.

They have a good reputation for their ability to forage freely, this helps provide plenty of flesh meat.

Good layers

Naked neck hens are good layers of medium to lager, light brown eggs.

Good broody mothers

The naked neck hens are good broody mothers to hatch their eggs to produce baby chicks.

Baby chicks which hatch from naked neck hen can be easy recognize in the mixed batches because the chick born with a naked neck.