Local Kokorako in high demand in Honiara – farmers respond

June 27, 2011

Joshua Gregory has been selected by Kastom Gaden as a lead farmer for Livestock. He is based at Henderson where he raises local kokorako for sale in Honiara. Joshua is a very hard working Farmer who tries his best to learn new skills in poultry, he had a total of 90 local chickens. He and his family had benefits from selling their local chickens @ $100.00 per birds for both Roosters and Hens.  Joshua has been exchanging different types of local chicken breeds with the Kastom Gaden Poultry Technician Ms. Hilda Karani. He is a Member of the Planting Materials Network.  KGA and Joshua were both very interested to exchange the bald naked neck variety. This variety grows quite big and is well adapted to local feeding and the improve local kokorako model.  In total they exchanged six(6) different varieties of local kokorako from Gregory and Six (6) from KGA.

KGA promoted improved management of local kokorako.  Our research efforts, conducted with MInistry of Agriculture and SICHE, have proven that local kokorako can be very productive if they are given good food and taken care of.  Local breeds of kokorako are in high demand in Honiara, especially among the Chinese community.  Raising local kokorako has less costs and can be much more profitable than raising broiler chickens.   –  reports Michael Qwanafia, Livestock Program Support Officer for Kastom Gaden.

KGA is encouraging farmers to select their best local kokorako and also to share breeds to improve their breeding stock.

For more information contact Michael Qwanafia: qwanafiamichael@yahoo.com.au or drop by at Kastom Gaden centre at Burns Creek.

For information on bald naked neck poultry breeds (and other breeds) contact Hilda Karani, KGA Poultry Technician: hildak@kastomgaden.org