Video for indigenous people on understanding climate change

June 23, 2011

Fever (English) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

This post is to share a link to Fever – A Video Guide, a set of videos for use by indigenous communities and their allies. This video may be useful for KGA farmers and partners in helping to better understand climate change – explained in a very simple and clear way.

The video is part of a series to raise awareness and build knowledge about the issue of climate change and how it relates to indigenous peoples, cultures, rights and territories. In these films there are stories of indigenous peoples from communities in Ecuador, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Fever (English) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

These films are designed to be screened in indigenous communities around the world, to help share information which supports communities to defend their rights and determine their futures. The films are also designed as resources for local facilitators, helping to strengthen the capacity of networks and organisations in their awareness-raising and advocacy work on climate change.

Pak Akon, Dayak, Indonesia: “It turns out that what is being experienced by indigenous peoples in Indonesia is the same as what other indigenous communities are experiencing in the Philippines and in Ecuador, and what they are experiencing is also caused by large-scale industries […]. Watching these films gives us new learning to help ensure we make the right choices for our peoples.”

The videos are available to watch and download online. DVD copies may be requested by going to our website and clicking on Request a DVD.