Rokotanikeni Womens Association improving local livestock

June 27, 2011

Rokotanikeni is one of the Womens Association organization based in South Malaita.   KGA has signed a Partnership Agreements with them since way back in 2009 and they are working together to improve food security for women and families in Are’are, Malaita.

In late 2010 KGA followed up on a request from Rokotanikeni to conduct Small Livestock training on Poultry and Piggery Skill training.   In total 67 womens at Rokotanikeni Women’s network Association were trained in two separate workshops. After the training there was a follow up monitoring visits done for those womens trained.

The monitoring and follow up visits was done from 11th -17th of November 2010. The photo above shows one one of the woman who attended the skill training and now has been building her new improved poultry house supported by her husband.

They are already selling their local chicken @ $70.00 per birds. The income helps a lot for purchasing of household needs and school fees etc.

We will keep you posted with stories as more women and their families from Rokotanikeni take up improved livestock management to improve their livelihoods.

Follow up visits show that those trained are putting into practice what they learned - an improved local kokorako house and a proud family who are earning income from their local kokorako.