KGA lead trainer continues training more woman in kiko stove making

June 29, 2011

KGA woman and nutritional health component has trained 12 trainers from partners who will be helping in runing workshop for woman in the villages on nutrition, health , sup sup and kiko stove making.

Joyce Mary is one of the woman trainers who have been trained also under the  and woman and nutritional health in stove making has run 5 workshops in 5communities around her zone. During the training woman made their stove and their target is that all household in the village to have kiko stove in their kitchen.

Stoves are store in the house like this one for drying for 2 weeks

trainers demonstrating mixing of clay stove

woman are very interested in the stove because it lessen their time for cooking, after the workshop also the man wants to cook for the family becuase it is fast to cook, and doesn’t use a lot of firewood.

Men are also participate in kiko stove making during workshop

With the trainings that has been done by Joyce and her  woman and youth trainers there is great interest from woman’s group for them to run Kiko stove training

With the interest of the stove woman are very interested in the stove and a group from Auki wants Joyce to run a training for them.

Joyce teaching woman how to make Kiko stove