KGA Flood Recovery Response Program continues…

July 22, 2014

KGA continues to actively involved in its flood recovery response program, assisting communities affected by the flash flood that result in loss of lives and food crops. KGA as lead NGO in advocating in food security and livelihood in the Solomon Islands has responded positively to the call to assist the victims who lost nearly or all of their food crops during the flood.

KGA has carried out independent need assessment (food crops only) of selected communities affected by the flood and designed a recovery response program to address the current situation they have with regards to food supply.

In response, KGA has assisted 7  communities so far along the Guadalcanal plain (east) and some more communities undergone assessment and are ready to be assisted on west Guadalcanal. KGA assistance include: provide training on vegetable nurseries, establishing model gardens where various food crops are planted and managed in a small plot of land, distribution planting materials (yam, pana, cassava, potato and vegetable crops. Communities were also trained on new techniques how to propagate yams, especially the African Yam. KGA assisted communities not only with food crops but also with small livestock such as local chicken and ducks to farmers who are interested to look after. Training on small livestock management were also conducted.

Apart from KGA field  outreach engagement with the affected communities, a lot of preparation is happening at the KGA Head Office. A team of KGA staff is working behind the scene (nursery specialists) and are responsible for soil collection, and other materials,  mixing plus other manual work to raise the vegetable seedlings. They worked around the clock to ensure quality seedlings are raised, carefully looked after and timely available to distributed to the communities

So far KGA has assisted more than 400 households (approximately more than 2000 people) affected during the flood. KGA has continue to receive positive response from communities assisted for the timely and worthwhile assistance. KGA flood recovery response program will continue until September this year.