Dala and Geleabu Training – Malaita Province

October 30, 2014

A Kastom Gaden Association staff has just recently completed training and establishing a seed garden in Dala and Geleabu in Malaita Province from the 17th to the 25th October 2014.

KGA staff officer, Mr Severino Lausao has successfully conducted the one-week training workshop in these two communities. Participants from ward 3 and 4 have attended the training in these two respective communities. During the course of the training, Severino has continued to raise the importance of establishing a seed model garden and how farmers can benefit from these kinds of farming practices in seed saving.

In doing so farmers and households will be able to continue maintaining the best varieties of planting materials available for the next planting season and sustain quality food production. He emphasized that it is not only for seed saving but it should also see as a model garden to plant varieties of food crops to feed the family with nutritious food. Demonstration of a basket garden was also done and it is a model approach to sup sup garden where compost soil is raised in a form of a basket and varieties of food crops are planted and managed on it.

This particular training was one of the first training of this kind to be conducted in this region. It was purposely to involve Planting Materials Network Members within this region to participate. The turnout was enormous and even non-PMN members also attended in large numbers.

Also among the participants were women and youths. A total of 117 participants attended the training. As Sevie said, “It was a wonderful experience and an enjoyable week for me”. It is also a learning experience for all of the participants who attended the training as they returned to their respective communities with the knowledge received from the training.