KGA is a partner in the Pacific regional FO4ACP project

April 9, 2021

Kastom Gaden, as a founding member of the Pacific Islands Farmer Organisation Network (PIFON) has joined a regional Pacific project funded by IFAD that is strengthening Farmer organisations across the Pacific. In year 1 of the project a lot of progress was made despite the impact of Covid 19:

Figures for the Pacific

  • 9 Countries
  • 18 Farmer Organisations
  • 367 Activities
  • 14, 039 Total Participants 
  • 6,381 Males / 7,656 Females / 4,115 Youths 

for KGA our work has focussed on Seed production, saving and distribution, beekeeping, ICT training, model urban gardens and building capacity within the FO. 

We are establishing a number of demonstration gardens in the community creating the garden with the community’s help, and then the community takes over responsibility for the garden. Through popular plant health clinics, organic farming practices are promoted to manage pests and diseases.

KGA also advocates an organic policy.

Tony Jansen