March 24, 2015

The Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) was grateful to receive its first group visitors for 2015 on the 28th February 2015. They are the DFAT Family at Host based here in Honiara. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) family at Host consist mainly of employees working for the Australian High Commission based in Honiara. Organizing the visit, DFAT Community Liaison Officer (CLO) Robyn Reynolds has planned the visit in order for employees of DFAT and their family members can visit sites of interest.

Introducing the visitors to KGA, the Manager, Clement Hadosaia and its staff welcomed the visitors to KGA compound and to their demonstration farm. In a brief overview of the work of KGA in the Solomon Islands, the Manager told the visitors that KGA has come a long way to reach this stage in assisting rural farmers to respond to food security and improve their livelihood. He added that what you are about to see are replications of what KGA is carrying with our farmers in the rural communities.

The visitors has been given a tour around the facilities, accompanied by respective Program staff officer to give brief overview of what is taking place at respective areas of interest. For example Peter Haeo (PSO) talked about small livestock when they visited the poultry and duck area. Roselyn Kabu was able to show the visitors a local kitchen using kiko stove for cooking and was surrounded by vegetable garden (supsup garden), a typical scenario of rural community setting. Mary Timothy was able to explain the work that is carried out in the nursery where soil is prepared for seed germination and transplanting. They also visited the compost production area where material prepared are used to enrich soil fertility. Under the guidance of Thecla Vapusy, the visitors has the chance to visit the seed saving facility that is managed to provide seed for the Planting Material Network members.
The planned visit which was supposed to a one hour visit took nearly two hours. Robyn Reynolds, on behalf of the DFAT family at Host, thanked the KGA Chairman and staff members for making their visit worthwhile.