Importance of seed saving in Melanesia—the video

November 12, 2010

Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi

In September 2008 Seed Savers released “Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi”, a 57 minute documentary that celebrates traditional food plants the people that grow them. Kastom Gaden Association lead farmers feature in the video where they share their experiences of looking after the crop biodiversity of Melanesia.

Preview of the 3 minute video:

From the seed savers network website:

We have allowed TV networks all over the Pacific to broadcast the film including in the Solomons, Vanuatu, Samoa, American Samoa and Papua New Guinea. It has become very popular and shown repeatedly, for example One Television in the Solomons showed it fifteen times in May 2009.

If you are an NGO in the Pacific and would like a copy of “Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi”, we will pay for the airfreight (on the payment page, choose the cost for sending inside Australia). We want you to have this film.

See Work Papers below for trainers to use. Please tell the local paper at the same time. Copy the press release we put on this page and email it to them. Thank you for your input!

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DVDs available to everyone here for AUD24 within Australia, AUD31 outside.

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You can learn more about community seedsaving by downloading our manual—’Community Seed Saving’